There are many approaches to break into security research, and you will surely do one way or another. Whereas to prosper, there are certain things that we need to consider as you may invest much more time than required if you do it less efficiently. Its been quite a while since I have stepped into Security Research; although the outcome of the investment is not up to the mark for me yet, the level of satisfaction achieved after you understand something and implement in your research process is impeccable.

I came across the article by Niru Ragupathy – So you want to be a security engineer? and ParisTabriz (her essay is not accessible now), which helped me a lot during my initial step towards security research.

Although you can find everything explained in both of the articles mentioned regarding the step into security research, I have skimmed and trimmed the core points of the materials for you in the following four points.

You can visit the article by Niru Ragupathy in medium from the above link and dig deep as well. This blog post is entirely inspired by Parisa Tabriz & Niru Ragupathy. I thank them for the invaluable insight for Security Researchers from all my heart. For more security-related updates please follow: Khate Dai